Pandora Like Key to Heart

This meaningfull piece of bracelet consist of home charm that I assume everyone must have their own dream house , key beside the home means that your dream have fullfilled.You have key to your house , which means key to your dream. Star and cat become part of your life . Lovely life with lovely pets and stars that keep sparkling and shining outside of your house every night :D

Three bestfriends bracelet

Jade Double Identity

Well then guess why i'm name it as double identity. it is because you can wear it in two ways . either in black or white :D picture below .

Brave Flower in Red


♥ Name as Brave Flower in Red because it really makes you bold enough with the two red tiger line beads
♥ Mainly, It is Made from 6mm Gemstones
♦ Coin disk is added to make the bracelet looks more vintage ;D


Maixara C sential

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Only 17cm bracelet available