Pandora Inspired Comeback

The Muslim woman has come to be synonymous with elegance and modesty. This is so very important to make any and every woman look beautiful. The modern day woman would definitely like a mix of fashion in her clothing. This is the evident from the choices that she makes. The right blend of style, fashion and modesty is what makes a woman truly beautiful. The Pandora Bracelet is one of the accessory that women have come to adopt with style. The different materials, colours and styles in which the pandora is available speaks volumes about the needs of the woman of today. So enhance your look with Pandora inspired now :D

Pandora Sweetness

Hi , Finally , the european beads already arrived :D
 Most of the european beads are inspired from real pandora .
See the picture below ,
from Kittyqueeny pandora, it is the first beads from the top,(same with the real one)
and lots more  actually :D

by the way , I named it as Sweetness because the beads come in pink ,there is infinity beads , much love beads which means LOVE FOREVER
0 ^^,
real pandora
 Whatsapp to buy .
Each design is limited :)

Pandora Like Key to Heart

This meaningfull piece of bracelet consist of home charm that I assume everyone must have their own dream house , key beside the home means that your dream have fullfilled.You have key to your house , which means key to your dream. Star and cat become part of your life . Lovely life with lovely pets and stars that keep sparkling and shining outside of your house every night :D

Three bestfriends bracelet

Jade Double Identity

Well then guess why i'm name it as double identity. it is because you can wear it in two ways . either in black or white :D picture below .

Brave Flower in Red


♥ Name as Brave Flower in Red because it really makes you bold enough with the two red tiger line beads
♥ Mainly, It is Made from 6mm Gemstones
♦ Coin disk is added to make the bracelet looks more vintage ;D


Maixara C sential

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Currently out of stock

Only 17cm bracelet available